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Site/Comments upgrade

I just upgraded to the latest version of MovableType today (the blog engine that runs this site), and in order to deter spammers I've also been messing around with the "comments" part on each entry. It may act funky until I get everything working right here. Just a word to the wise. :-)

E-Mail hell

After my little fiasco this morning trying to use PGP in my e-mail, I think I finally got it figured out. Now I know what PGP is and what it does, which in brief layman's terms is: encryption for "secure" e-mail. The best part is that I now know how to turn it off. (grin)

I said in my last entry that PGP sucks, but didn't really say why. Here's why:

I got a lot of friends who do not use traditional POP-type e-mail, they use webmail like Yahoo or Hotmail or whatever. A lot of these webmail providers do not offer PGP support at all, so there would be no way for any of my friends to "decrypt" an e-mail from me, hence, PGP is worthless for my use. It would also be pointless to try to teach anyone I know how to use PGP, because I would get a response that would look something like this..

Dude, I've been using e-mail forever. I send, I receive, I write, I reply, I don't need no @#(*&% PGP you gaddam nerd.

Well.. maybe it wouldn't be that harsh (grin), but you get the point.

Also, I have never in my life seen PGP in use in any large company. Never. I can understand why: It would be a completely nightmare trying to keep up with all the security keys. For a large company of 6000 employees, would it be worth it to manage 6000 PGP security keys? Answer: Nope. I currently work at a help desk that has one client which has over 10,000 employees. There is no way in hell any e-mail administrator would be fool enough to administer 10,000 digital security keys. The time alone needed to do that is simply staggering.

PGP? No thanks. It's hard enough to get some of my friends to even use e-mail!! But on the bright side, I now have it config'd and ready to use for those people out there that must use it.

Maybe someday I will have some super-secret e-mail to send that I have to "scramble up" using PGP, but I've never written a super-secret PGP'd e-mail, and I don't plan to, because: If I send one, I know for a fact the recipient would reply right back and say "What the hell is PGP?!".. and then I would never be able to tell anyone my super-secret cure for the common cold because most people who use e-mail have no clue what PGP is and how to use it. Such is life.

The super-secret cure by the way is: Don't get sick. (hardy har har)

I'm insecure and I like it, dammit

I use Thunderbird for my e-mail program. It's free, works great and doesn't need a patch every other week due to some stupid security hole.

Anyway, I had to send an e-mail to someone yesterday, but they insisted I send using PGP security ("Pretty Good Privacy"). Here's my opinion of it: It sucks. I sent off a mail, then tried to reopen the mail I just sent, the passphrase didn't work, and now when I receive the e-mail from the guy I sent it to I probably won't even be able to read it because of "bad passphrase". AAARRHGHGHGHGHGHGHHH.. Why on God's Earth anyone would use this I don't know. I think it's for paranoid people who have this underlying fear of e-mail in general.

So to the guy I sent the mail to.. well.. sorry dude. If you send a mail back I won't be able to read it. Meh. (angry!!!!!) I'm sticking with plain e-mail. Works for me, always has - no reason to change it otherwise.

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