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Maybe in April

Been doing some fiscal calculations today in an attempt to estimate when I will have some big bills paid in full. I recommend this to anyone because you should calculate how long it will take to pay off something. Whether your calculated results please you or make you want to slit your wrists, you should do it. The reason for doing it is to get a glimmer of the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak. (grin)

If you go through my previous posts here, the last big bill I spoke about was the car. I said I would have it paid off in September '04. I got it paid off a month early in August '04. While that hit my wallet pretty hard, I am very happy not to have that damn car payment. It was worth it, completely.

My next (and last for now) two big bills are the credit card and what I call a "back" bill. Those who know me personally know what that's about. (grin) And no it has nothing to do with my back, or anyone else's back.

I have calculated the time it will take to pay off the credit card and back bill. A very optimistic payoff estimate is April 2005 and the worst-case-scenario estimate is August 2005. So.. the final payoff date will be somewhere between April and August '05. Maybe June. Maybe not. I dunno. All I do know is that the payoff date is several months away (at least six). During this time I may encounter unexpected financial drawbacks. Then again I may not. It's all a big adventure, in't it? (grin)

What I'm hoping I don't do is make any unnecessary purchases. A lot of my friends and people I know have fallen into this trap. The trap is "Hey, I got some money. I know I got bills to pay but I'm going to spend it on something else anyway.. because after all, you only live once."

Yes, you only live once. But that lifespan happens over a period of time. Those who waste what they have now have nothing later. How many times have you known someone who has said "Man, I never should've bought that [insert useless thing here]" at one point or another? Yep, that person bought a useless thing. Usually a useless expensive thing. Now they're stuck with it. Bleah.

Granted, there are times when you have to treat yourself, that much is obvious. You can't go through life always saving. You have to spend. My mother once said "Money is for spending." That is a very true statement. We spend money all the time, and you either spend it on stuff or bills. When spending money on bills, I think one of the greatest feelings in the world is when you get anything paid in full. Every time I get to do that, I smile. It's a great feeling of achievement.

That "Yes I paid my bills" feeling is something I really like. It makes you happy and relieved at the same time. The bigger the bill is, the happier you are when it's paid. For several years (years?!?!!!) now I've been doing the monthly payment thing, over and over and over, for the same things. The car was one. The credit card is another. The back bill is the third. One's down, two more to go.

After I get those last two paid (and I will), the only question will be... do I get a house? I dunno, after going back to zero do I really want to get stuck with a 20-year mortgage payment? Tough decision, truly. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Breakfast burrito

Ya know, in the morning I don't ask for much. I just want to be able to get to werk, finish up the day and go home. One thing that completely turns me off something fierce is when the cafeteria here makes things the WRONG WAY.

Example: A breakfast burrito. Very simple to make. My version of it (which I tell the cook specifically) is:

1) Take one egg
2) Put it in a bowl/scramble
3) Put it on the iron
4) Take ham, cut to strips
5) Place it on the iron next to the egg
6) Take mushrooms
7) Place it on iron next to egg
8) Wait about 45 seconds
9) Place 2 (not 1) slices of American cheese on the egg
10) Get a wrap, like a cheddar wrap
11) Put the egg flat on the wrap
12) Put the ham on the egg
13) Put the mushroom on the ham

Done. Takes less than 2 minutes to make.

Some idiot was cooking today.. a young kid. Must've not been more than 19 or 20. I told him the following "One egg, ham, mushroom and American cheese on a cheddar wrap." Sounds simple, right? He screwed it all up. And yeah, I complained to his boss about it.

The last thing I need when I get to work is to have my breakfast, which I pay for, made wrong. I ate the stupid thing, I had to because I was late getting to my desk to begin with.

There is absolutely no room for incompetence as far as cooks are concerned. Cooks should do things the right way, the same way, every time. No one likes surprises when they're paying for food - including myself.

Maybe someday I will find a good wife who will make me breakfast so I don't have to deal with this CRAP. Ugh.


Some additional thoughts on this:

The above is why I cannot stand restaurants. I absolutely hate them. It is so rare to get a good meal out of one of those places these days. The plain fact of the matter is that if you want your food done your way to your liking, you have to make it yourself. The only exception to this rule is when you have someone cook for you who knows what you like, but that takes time obviously. And I hate waiting. (grin)

And the vote is cast

My father and I just got back from voting. In typical fashion, he voted Democrat. I voted Republican. It's a small joke we have that our votes "cancel each other out" every year. (grin) Regardless, we did our duty as citizens with the right to choose.

Also, very nice turnout at the polls. Nice to see that.