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Pass Go and collect $200

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but, while I was online doing the credit card maintenance thing I noticed a "Request Rebate Check" option. "I wonder what that is" I said to myself. It turns out I signed up for (although I don't remember signing up for) a cash rebate program back in 2002, a long long time ago. The "balance" said I can get a rebate check of $284 bucks. So I called my credit card company to see if this was for real or not. It is, and they're sending a check for $284. In't that nice? (grin) I never thought that "cash back" thing was for real, but I guess it is.. and I didn't see any obvious conditions for cashing it, nor am I signing up for anything by cashing it either, so.. I think it's the real deal.

I also went to go look at the home today and got to walk the inside and check it out. It's clean, which is good. Everything works, mostly. The only things I could find immediately wrong is that the water pressure was a bit low and a few other odds and ends. From what I could tell, there was nothing too major that isn't fixable.

So anyway, I made an offer. The guy has 48 hours to respond. The offer I made is about 1/3rd the asking price, however, I personally feel that's how much it's worth. Will he go for it? I don't know. I am reasonably sure the answer will be no, but I had to try. The answer will come tomorrow most likely. Either he'll laugh in my face and say "No way, pal" or make a counter-offer.

We'll see.

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