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pea soup

Before I get into why I called this one "pea soup", as I said just a few posts ago, Twisted Sister recently performed a Christmas song on The Tonight Show and commented it would probably be on YouTube soon. Well, it is. Check it out and watch it before NBC gets it removed.

And in case you're wondering, the song is loosely based on "We're Not Gonna Take It", their biggest hit back in the day.

Watch it now. Do it. Obey the Menga. (grin)


I drove to Inverness really early this morning. Something that happens often in the wee hours of the morning in Florida is what they call "fog smoke", better known as dense fog. Visibility at best twenty-five yards, slimming down to less than five in some spots - even on the highway.

In extreme situations like that, GPS can literally act as your eyes. When you literally can't see your exit coming up on the highway, the navigation system proves itself to be 10,000% awesome by saying (literally) where to exit. GPS saves the day once again. Cool.


I tried LogMeIn for the first time on my own computers. Lo and behold, it works. I don't know how it works and nor do I care, but wow.. good stuff. Now I can get to my home PC easily when I'm at my Pop's place.

Neato. I can access my Thunderbird e-mail from remote. I like that.

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