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Perks of doing the biz thing

I've been out of Connecticut for over a month now and only just recently did I go to the post office and finally file a change of address form. Today I got all the mail that was holed up in Connecticut. Lots of junk, both consumer and business related. (Small side note: I get lots of promotional stuff for the biz in my postal mail still to this day.)

One promotional thing in particular caught my eye. There was a $50 credit for Google AdWords. Hmm. This I could actually use. So I did. I signed up for AdWords and used the credit. The cool thing about AdWords is that you can stretch out the campaign for quite a long time. I should be able to get a month's worth of free advertising out of this. Whether it will actually work or not doesn't matter. Fifty bucks of free advertising is nothing to throw away and I'll take all I can get.

I also received some really cool magazines. I got Fortune Small Business (they keep sending me them, I've never paid for them), Millimeter, a filmmaking mag and another "Indie" mag which is also for filmmakers.

Free is good. You wouldn't believe some of the lavish stuff I get in the mail. I mean, we're talking full color laminated stuff. Some of it is very impressive. 98% of it is crap, but that small 2% sometimes has some really good free stuff.

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