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Photos from around Putnam Connecticut

A very old Coca-Cola sign painted on the side of a building in downtown Putnam. When you're walking thru Rotary Park, you can see this, it's right behind PJ's Donuts.

Some flags in Rotary Park. State of Connecticut, Rotary club flag, and Old Glory.


"Putnam Falls" (a dam, actually).


My ex-fiancee Crystal (yes, that's the first time I've ever mentioned her name on this site) and I used to sit under this tree, which I think is the best tree in Rotary Park. I still do. I sat at the foot of the tree for a moment just like I used to and thought about the good times.. and the bad.. and that all things pass. I may visit this tree again sometime soon.

A sign indicating the direction of where Interstate 395 is. Anyone who lives in Northeastern Connecticut is very familiar with this limited access highway. If you get on to it, you can travel all the way from the Northeast corner down to the south shore in Niantic.

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