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pick up all the pieces and make an island

Title of this entry comes from a song from a guy who liked to smash guitars a lot.

Rich: 1, Gecko: 0

A little gecko found its way into my apartment today. Tiny little guy. The story is funny enough to stand on its own so I'll tell you exactly how I found him.

I head to the bathroom and drop draws to take a leak. As soon as it hits the water, *pop*, out comes a little gecko and sits on the rim of the bowl. Well.. since I was in mid-wizz I finished that first. Then I knew at that point I had only one chance to get him in the bowl so I could flush him away. I grabbed a paper towel and *ploop* into the bowl he went. Success! After that I flushed him to his doom.

And yeah it's a good thing I was doing a #1 instead of a #2. But even if it were a #2 I have this OCD thing where I always check the bowl first before sitting. Every time. And it's times like these where that little quirk of mine comes in very handy. 🙂

To anyone who reads this that doesn't live in Florida - it is very common for a gecko to find his way into the house or apartment every so often. It doesn't matter how clean your place is (and mine is near spotless) and also doesn't matter how tight your doors, windows and vents are. They will appear every now and then.

The strangest thing is that I'm getting used to it. This is the third time it's happened since being here.

Make it so

Ten days ago I sent a certain someone an e-mail in an attempt to quell angst about music made several years ago where him and I hold copyright credits. He finally responded so I guess I was successful. After several years of him complaining about me in a barely-indirect manner on his site, the angst is over. No apologies were exchanged, nor did they need to be. It's not necessary at this point. After his last tirade I just said enough is enough, I'm e-mailing this guy for a peace offering. He took it.

Case closed.

Love/Hate relationship with my other laptop

I have a backup laptop which is a Dell 600MHz thing with 256MB of RAM. It's in very good condition but for some reason keeps barfing whenever I install XP Home Edition on it. I can't install the XP Pro license because my Inspiron 6000 already has it, but I have a spare XP Home Edition disc that came with my Dell Dimension 4400 years ago. I don't have the '4400 any longer but I still have the disc which has a legal license I can use. And yes, compared to just about everyone else I know, my copies of XP are all registered and legal.

As I write this I'm attempting another install, this time without the PCMCIA cards in it.. maybe that'll work. If not, I have a spare license of Windows 98 I can use but I really don't want to use that POS OS. '98 just plain sucks. So.. crossing fingers..


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