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pigs do fly

This week the band lost the bass player. He parted on good terms and the reason he had to leave was for fiscal reasons (in his skilled trade the work dried up here and he's going back north where there is more to be found for what he does for a living). It's a shame because he's a really decent musician to work with.

When we played that time at Pegasus a guy was there, Dave, and he was a really good egg. Decent guy, good player - and played bass. Also noted that yes he liked what we did and he's there pretty much every "open mic" night.

Yesterday evening myself and the other guys decided to head over to Pegasus to see if he was still interested.

Two bass players are in line, we (me, the singer and drummer) stopped at one guy's house and he will try out later this week. Then we decided to go to Pegasus after that. We arrived in separate cars.

Here's the cool part:

I arrived there first. Alone.

For whatever reason I got a shot of confidence, said fuggit and just walked in. I saw Dave there on stage getting set up, I walked up, we shook hands and started talking. Shortly after that the singer and drummer showed up.

Dave was playing guitar and tuning up and there was a bass guitar there. I asked if I could pick it up and run thru a few songs. He said "Sure!"

End result: The drummer, myself and Dave played two songs. One Stevie Ray tune and one other jam-style song. Went along just fine.

You're probably reading this thinking "Uh.. doesn't sound like a big deal."

Bear in mind I never just go to a bar and walk in alone, nor do I chat it up with somebody, take the stage and play songs. I simply do not do that. But I did yesterday.

Add to that I had no jitters at all. Actually, that's not true. There was a point in one song where I thought "Whoa. I like.. just stepped on stage and started playing.." but that was only for a second.

Cool. Just plain cool. 🙂

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