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pockets of explosive light

Chances are the state you live in has a claim-to-fame that goes something like "x capital of the world".

Connecticut, for example, is "Insurance capital of the world". (Oooh.. Ahhhh..)

Florida has several of these. One of them is lightning capital of the world.

In the wee hours of the morning I headed out to a 7-Eleven to grab a breakfast burrito. While on I-75 I saw some lightning. It made no noise. Just periodic flashes of light that illuminated the clouds. Also saw a few bolts.


I am a lightning fan and am fascinated by it.

Way back before I was a teenager I saw Florida lightning for the first time. It was in Orlando during the middle of the afternoon. Light fluffy clouds with some zapping going on inside them. Couldn't believe it. Lightning in the middle of the day? What is that all about?


As I write this I'm watching how three rooms were renovated at the Tampa Theatre on free streaming internet television. Tampa's CTTV is one of several freely available internet streaming television stations in Florida.

Sometimes I like watching stuff like this because it's not commercial television (something I almost never watch anyway). There aren't any commercials and no hype. Good stuff.

Additionally, this is the only way I can receive this channel. I live in Tampa, but this station is not broadcast over-the-air to the best of my knowledge. I don't have cable television by choice, so it's nice the internet option is available.

By the way, if you want to get educated on Tampa and learn more about the town where I live, watching Tampa's CTTV is a very good way of getting educated the right way. You will hear and see things completely outside of the touristy crap - which is what matters.

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