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point lost

About a half-hour from now I'll be heading to Clearwater to drop off the truck to have the sunroof done, then back to Tampa to attempt to finish up a project I have on the table (it's a video thing).

I've spent the past hour watching a movie on the internet that, according to hype, is supposed to be this ground breaking work to make you sit up and raise an eyebrow or two. I won't say what the film was about because it's a touchy subject, but I will say this: The film was not ground breaking, the acting sucked and the entire point of the storyline was lost. In addition, it didn't flow well at all and there were gaping plot holes everywhere. I guess that's what you get from indie films.

But as they say, there's a reason for everything. My reason in the grand scheme of things for watching that crappy film was probably to show me what not to do in a film (something quite helpful when I eventually get around to producing my own). 🙂

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