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possible peeper

Today I will be taking my sister to TPA so she can fly back home to Massachusetts. She's had a good stay from what I've heard (she's staying with Pop) but I'm sure she'll be happy to get back to familiar ground. It's not that she dislikes Florida; all her friends are in Mass.

I have considered doing a one-week run for leaf peeper purposes to Massachusetts (and probably Rhode Island) during mid or late September when the time is best for foliage photo shooting. Probably won't be this year but possibly next year. I have a friend in Danbury CT that I owe a trip to Salem MA to for being such a good friend to me over the years, and I can see nothing better than getting my leaf-peep on with her in Salem.

Of course, I'd have to go thru Northeastern CT on the way to Salem for nostalgia reasons. Maybe I'll stop here and there to take a few photos of things such as my old high school and a few other spots. Maybe not. It would depend on my mood.

It crossed my mind that maybe I should snowbird it to MA or RI once a year from September to October, but I eventually came to the conclusion of just "Nah, too much of a pain in the ass." It's just not worth it because I'd probably be bored to tears after the first week. The old cliché of you can never go home again definitely reigns true with me. Anyone who knows me understands I get bored very easily, and while New England is my old stomping grounds, it's just a big ball of boring compared to Florida.

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