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Post interview interview

I got back from visiting Pop at the hospital a little while ago. He's doing well and will be released tomorrow.. or at least the hospital said they would. Guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Before I visited Pop I did my interview. How did I do? No clue. I never know. Personally I think I blew it because I over-talked myself. The guy who interviewed me knew a lot about tech. I know a lot about tech, so we chatted it up quite a bit. He talked a lot. I talked a lot. But I don't know if any of the conversation we had will lead to employment. I can tell you that the interviewer was an old-school tech and moreover a smart one - the kind that acts as the glue to keep the team together. Soft spoken with an army of knowledge that only years of experience can provide. You could just tell just by talking to him.

Whether I get the job or not, I'm happy I at least tried.

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