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Posting with performancing

All righty then. I read on another blog that you can use Performancing as a WYSIWYG editor for blogs like MovableType so I thought I'd give it a go since I use MT. I'm using it right now actually. (By the way it supports many other blogs like Blogger, WordPress).

Not bad. Not bad a'tall. This is nice. I can just hit a little icon in my Firefox browser and publish at whim. Very cool indeedy. Oh, small side note for anyone using MovableType 3.2: If you get the error that you can't login to your blog, it's probably because you never set an API password for your account. Just login to MT, hit System Overview, then Authors and edit your account. At the bottom you will see API Password. If you click Reveal and MT states you have no password set, set one. Then you will be able to login to your MT blog via Performancing.

Best part: I finally have an easy way of getting Technorati tags in my posts. Previously I was doing it "by hand".

My only complaints about the software is that I can't do teletype (that's <tt>) tags without manually editing in Source Editing mode, nor can I upload images from here either (or if it does I haven't found out how to do it). But you know, that's okay. For the majority of my blogging, this makes writing stuff a helluva lot easier!

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