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Presiding over my kingdom

I'm writing this entry from "the throne" as my mother used to say. It amazes me how many different terms there are for a toilet. Throne, can, pot, loo, bathroom, restroom, washroom, etc. There's probably more. My personal favorite is "being indisposed", meaning the act of going to the bathroom. Always liked that one. To note, there are no wires going to my throne. I'm using wireless 'net on a laptop.

I did not work at all on my screenplay last night, but I did do a little work on the biz site. At this point I'm debating whether to use traditional Dreamweaver templates (only because it's faster and easier) or whether to use 100% PHP throughout. I'm leaning towards PHP. While it may be a severe pain in the rump to get started, it's much easier to maintain in the long run (that's the whole reason why you do it in the first place).

If I do PHP, the URL's are going to look something like for just about all of them. This way I can just write a little text file for whatever page I want to appear, and voila, there it is.

Earlier this evening I watched Madagascar on DVD. While I think the animation was stellar, the story was a bit weak in some spots. Melman didn't have enough lines either. I know why, it's because his character is very limited to what he can do. The movie also goes on the assumption that you already know that lions eat zebras in the wild. I knew this, but I'm wondering if the majority of the audience out there knew that. Personally speaking I think the small show A Christmas Caper (it's on the DVD, you don't have to buy it separately) was better than the actual movie itself. The story was solid and the crazy things the penguins do just seem much more believable.. at least I think so.


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