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Print editions coming soon

DigiTech JamMan Solo XT

Some updates on my books and info on a future book I'm going to write.

One of my best-selling books is The Better DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Manual. I routinely receive emails asking if there's a print version of it. My response is always the same. I say there a print version does not exist, but if you want to send a donation my way, I will email you a PDF you can print. The donation comes in, I send the PDF, the guy or girl who bought it prints it out, done.

But now I've finally began the process of getting a print version available for purchase so people don't have to do that print-your-own crapola anymore. The print copy is not ready just yet as there is an approval process to go through since print versions are different compared to electronic books. But it has been submitted, and I'm confident it will be approved as it's obviously 100% family-friendly being it's just an extended instruction manual.

Once approved, I will make the announcement of the print version here. If you're afraid you'll miss the announcement, I suggest getting my newsletter so you get notified in email.

Will my other books receive print versions too?

If this JamMan book gets the green light for a print version, The Better Zoom R8 Manual will also get one shortly afterward. The follow-up How to custom create guitar patches on the Zoom R8 could possibly receive a print version as well.

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