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Print editions coming soon, Audacity book started

DigiTech JamMan Solo XT

Some updates on my books and info on a future book I'm going to write.

One of my best-selling books is The Better DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Manual. I routinely receive emails asking if there's a print version of it. My response is always the same. I say there a print version does not exist, but if you want to send a donation my way, I will email you a PDF you can print. The donation comes in, I send the PDF, the guy or girl who bought it prints it out, done.

But now I've finally began the process of getting a print version available for purchase so people don't have to do that print-your-own crapola anymore. The print copy is not ready just yet as there is an approval process to go through since print versions are different compared to electronic books. But it has been submitted, and I'm confident it will be approved as it's obviously 100% family-friendly being it's just an extended instruction manual.

Once approved, I will make the announcement of the print version here. If you're afraid you'll miss the announcement, I suggest getting my newsletter so you get notified in email.

Will my other books receive print versions too?

If this JamMan book gets the green light for a print version, The Better Zoom R8 Manual will also get one shortly afterward. The follow-up How to custom create guitar patches on the Zoom R8 could possibly receive a print version as well.

Audacity book started

I'm putting together ideas for an instruction and tutorial book on the freely available Audacity audio software.

There are two main reasons I'm putting this book together.

First, while true you can cover about 90% of what you need to do for a multitrack audio recording using the Zoom R8, there is still the mastering process to go through. The R8 can master, but to get that perfect master copy suitable for distribution to iTunes or Spotify, more finite controls are needed and that's where Audacity really helps.

One of the chapters of the book will be solely dedicated to mastering to cover that last 10%. I will of course be using my plain-English style of teaching. If you've read any of my other books, you already know my teaching style. If you haven't, I purposely instruct in a style that's anti-complicated so you get what you need to get done fast and easy.

And yes, I will be including Zoom R8 specific info in the book on getting that master WAV file out of the unit, into Audacity, working with it appropriately and mastering for distribution.

Second, I will also have dedicated chapters to using Audacity as the only means of recording multitrack audio. Some people (many, actually) don't want to bother with an external recorder like the R8 and prefer to use nothing but software.

The challenge in writing this book comes in that Audacity is multi-platform. Works on Windows, Mac or Linux - and that's great - but each interface is different. Obviously, Windows doesn't act like a Mac nor a Linux environment, so I'll have to be conscious of that when putting the book together. Not everyone runs Windows, after all. But I believe this is a challenge I can overcome and get the book together so everyone using Audacity can get good help from the information I provide.

Other parts of the book will be explanations on what does what and why, such as the differences between compression and hard limiting, where you would use such things and what their purposes are.

A question I've received on Audacity a few times before is how to create loops, so I'll be covering that too. I'll also be including answers to other questions I've received such as how to work with panning, auto-panning and so on.

There will be tons of info in this one, to be sure.

This time around however, once this book is completed, I should hopefully be able to release eBook and print versions at the same time. That would be cool. :)

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