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project updates (or lack thereof)

I gotta admit I've been pretty lazy recently concerning my personal projects. I have musical and biz stuff that needs to get done and haven't even started on it.

Frosted Side

Frosted Side was supposed to be done in June and now it's almost August (ugh). In all honesty I could probably have everything completed in 2 days but there's a crapload of programming involved. I am not the type of person to deploy something incomplete concerning web site stuff (although sometimes you have to out of necessity).

Compared to when I previously did FSP it's now a whole lot easier. But like I said there's a ton of programming crapola to take care of and it's really tedious work. Yes, it is actual work. Bleah. 🙂

GPS widescreen splash screens

I need to get widescreen versions of my GPS splash screen super-pack done. This is yet another one of those tedious things and will take several hours to get done. But once done I don't have to do it again (thank God).


I'm enjoying the DigiTech GSP1101 and have recorded a few quick tunes with it. At this point I'm sorta/kinda straying away from the synth and getting back into guitar stuff since I now have a rack unit that.. y'know.. sounds decent. 🙂 Bear in mind the GSP1101 is the first piece of actual electronic guitar gear I've bought in years, and it's really nice to have electronic stuff that actually works for a change.

There's a small possibility I might be advertising for a vocalist to get some tracks done. But I'm going to be super-picky about who I choose for this. Here in Tampa I have the advantage of a lot of people to choose from, but the disadvantage is that a crapload of them don't mesh with my mindset. Most don't understand that I do not want to form a band, rather just get some studio tracks finished. If the finished tracks have some worthiness to them, then I'd entertain the idea of dealing with the drama that is a band.

Even the thought of "band" still gives me nausea.. bleah. But hopefully I will encounter the right sort that mesh with me correct so we can make good things happen. Time will tell.

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