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'Puter stuff and werk stuff

Several thing-a-ma-doo's:

Kat's computer is finished for the most part. All she has to do is pick up a modem for it so I can install/test the thing, then she can take it home.

My laptop is still without operating system because I was messing around with it and haven't bothered to reinstall Windows yet.

Today is my last day of freedom. I had the whole week off last week. It was great. Got a lot of things done. Got lots of sleep, too. I did not announce this week off on my blog because I didn't want a lot of people bothering me. How did I get the week off? I went from contract over to full time at my job. They asked me when I wanted to start. I asked if I could start on the 22nd instead of the 15th. They said "okay", so I got a week off. No pay this week but the mental relaxation was well worth it.

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