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radical new look and other random ramblings

From day one I have been a bit ticked off at the unbelievable difficulty as far as creating and editing WordPress themes is concerned. However, I think I finally found one that suits and you're looking at it now at the time this post is written.

This is definitely the most radical and different design I've ever used for a blog. I personally dig it because it's got that minimalist look I really dig. The fonts are a bit small and I may change that, but overall I'm pleased with it.

. . .

I have no shame in admitting that my boss is much better at the WordPress thing than I am. He can do things with WP that I wouldn't even dare try. However, when it came to MovableType (my previous setup), I pretty much knew it all and could wield it well. However it got really long in the tooth and seems to have lost a lot of steam, and that's part of the reason I switched to WP.

In a way it might be good that I'm not adept at WP programming, because I'm sick of programming my blog. I just want it to work. With this theme I think I've finally reached that point... maybe? 😉

. . .

In other news, if all goes well I should have my Garmin StreetPilot book done by the end of the week. I'd say it's close to half done at this point, but that means I have half to go. This book is going to have a crapload of content in it when it's finished; that's for sure.

. . .

I have to buy some DisneyWorld tickets. Me, Pop and Sis will be heading up to Orlando at the tail end of this month, and being the month is already half over, I'd better get to it post haste.

. . .

Tomorrow or Friday someone is supposed to come up to Pop's, jack up the Buick and do a once-over to see what she needs as far as fixin' is concerned. Hopefully he won't find anything drastically wrong. 😀

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