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random bits for dec 15 2007

the crappy code rules all

Kat had problems viewing my blog in her AOL browser. Turns out it was because of a stupid XML declaration at the top of the code here. Solution: Remove it. (heh)

All is well once again.

And yes this means my blog totally does not validate whatsoever. But all humans can read it now and humans are more important than computers. So.. yeah. 😛

Humans: 1
Computers: 0

before the monster gets me

I'm seriously entertaining the idea of getting a Sam's Club membership so I can get cases (instead of buying separately) of Monster LO-CARB soda.. or excuse me.. "Energy Drink". The crap is expensive but I love it so. I can chop off almost half the price of it by getting cases of it instead.

twitter losing favor with me

I am using Twitter but it's already starting to annoy me somewhat. Why? Because it's a useless extra step. I may or may not stop using it because.. well.. I guess I'm just not nerdy/geeky enough to be using it..?

the cycle of internet communities

It still amazes me to this day how much an internet community, any internet community, doesn't matter in the real world whatsoever.

But here's the rub: When any one of these communities finally breaks out of the online world into the real one, it drops off the face of the Earth almost as fast as it arrived.

Funny that.

windows live writer kicks ass

Okay, seriously, if you blog with any frequency at all, you have GOT to get Windows Live Writer. It's free and it connects to just about every major type of blog (WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger, MovableType, etc.) on the planet.

It's about a million times better than blogging using the in-the-browser method.

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