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random friday notes

A word from the kitchen sink dept.:

Palmolive Oxy Foam smells better than Dawn Direct Foam.


A word from the old 600MHz laptop dept.:

Windows 95 and 98 suck. Bad. Windows XP, albeit running a bit slowly on that machine, is the best OS for it.


A word from the annoying neighbor dept.:

I rarely have anything to complain about concerning my neighbors. However, there's this one idiot who has a car alarm on the fritz that randomly goes off every two to three hours. Lasts for about five minutes, then shuts off, or the guy runs out and shuts it off.

The most annoying part is that the car doesn't even deserve an alarm because it's a piece of crap.


A word from the travel dept.:

One town I will never visit, Boring, Oregon. You can throw Ordinary, Virginia in there as well on the do-not-visit list. I'm sure both towns are lovely, but the names don't exactly say "Come visit!" if you catch my meaning.


A word from the social event dept.:

In the mail I got a wedding invitation that's scheduled to happen a tad under two months away. Fearful of going stag to an event like this (since I would only know two people there), I called up Kristi and asked if she'd be my date. She said yes. Cool. Kristi is awesome like that. 🙂

The wedding will be in Apollo Beach, which is a thirty-ish minute hike from my place. Not bad. Neither Kristi or I have ever been there, so it will be interesting to check out.

Since this is so long away from now, I'll have to set a date reminder in my cell phone so I don't forget.


A word from the Menga family dept.:

Pop has decided to go for heart bypass surgery. After discussing it with neurologists, doctors and other medical-type people, it seems that it's the best thing to do. So it shall be done. I don't know when it will occur, but soon.


A word from the blog and web site dept.:

2007 has proven to be a creative slump for many of the web sites I visit routinely. Blogs go dead for weeks at a time, as do web sites. Some of them are just turning into ghost sites or are offline completely.

Time to visit some new sites I suppose. Good thing there's plenty out there.

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