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Random notes and observations

My cheap fifteen-dollar optical Logitech mouse I bought years ago is the best mouse I've ever had, it still works and I'm still using it.


Since my template change, web traffic on here at menga dot net has gone up quite a bit.


My new sneakers are awesome.


My Pop's birthday is this month. He will turn 71.


G4 is a totally cool channel. The best shows are X-Play and Attack of The Show.

X-Play is described as having "'tude" to it. Translation: The hosts are two sarcastic idiots (Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb), but their reviews of games are quite good. They get right to the point of why a game is good, bad or somewhere in the middle. However I don't understand why they both have square jaws. I mean, we're talking really square. Must have been a prerequisite to host the show or something.

Attack of the show is done really well. The hosts are a lot better in every respect. Instead of trying to be funny, they are funny in a good way. My favorite segment is "It came from eBay". I think this show is a lot better than X-Play mostly because they have a lot more material to work with. Or maybe it's because the hosts don't have as-square jaws? Hm.. My only complaint about AOTS, cut the MyWhore MySpace crap, if for no reason other than MySpace is the puss filled boil on the ass of the internet.

..not that my web site is any better, of course.

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