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random thoughts of the moment

I sometimes wish I could find a cordless phone with a real bell ringer in it. That would rock.


Number of 7-Eleven's that are within ten miles of where I live: 33. No, I haven't been to them all and no, I'm not kidding.

And every single one of them makes money.


Yesterday I bought three one-gallon jugs of Arizona Sweet Tea.

Total price, nine bucks.

Three gallons is 384 ounces (in US fluid).

My previous drink, Monster Lo-Carb, comes in sixteen-ounce cans.

There are twenty-four cans to a case.

24 x 16 = 384 fluid ounces (three gallons).

Price for a case of Lo-Carb at a Sam's Club: Thirty-eight bucks.

I save twenty-nine bucks by drinking Arizona Sweet Tea instead of Monster Lo-Carb for the exact same amount of fluid ounces I get.


It's official: I'm not too keen on the new scent of Axe Phoenix body spray. The next time I need some, I'm going to scope around for a different scent.


Since purchasing The The Phantom Menace on DVD, I've now watched the movie both with and without directory commentary (as I always do), and watched all the bonus features on the second disc.

The pod race is, without a doubt, one of the coolest races ever put to film. With the extra footage put in on the DVD, it's now even better.

But I have to say that were this not a Star Wars film, I honestly don't think it would have performed very well at the box office. Same goes for episodes II and III. The originals will always be the best - even with tons and tons of errors in them.

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