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random whatsit

(Note: This is whatsit)

Second day of work: Busy but uneventful. Spent the day checking laptops to see if they would boot up or not. Most of them did. I am anxiously awaiting my first check after my first week is through assuming I'm being paid weekly (which I think I am). Ah, money. Love to hate to love it. I know, I know... It's a check. Big deal, right? For me it is.

Speaking of work, it looks like I would have had the pick of the litter. I have had three callbacks from resumes I sent out. Yeah. Three. I'm sort of upset I keep having to call these people back and say "Sorry but I already got a job, but thanks anyway". This once again goes to prove that FL rules and CT sucks. I never, repeat, never got such immediate callbacks in New England for work. It's nice to be wanted (relating to work) for a change.

My fast internet is scheduled to be turned on this Friday @ 6pm. I have already received the equipment, however, the letter I received says to wait until Friday. So I guess I shall. If it works out I can cancel this dial-up crap I'm using right now. Speaking of which, this is the "fastest" dial-up I've ever used. I get 54k connections routinely, whereas in CT I never got anything above 26.4k. Yeah. For real. It sucked.

I'm wondering what to do with my phone line once my DSL is turned on. Run a dial-up BBS on a cheesy laptop running DOS 6.22? That'd be funny. I wonder if anyone would actually call it. Heh. Interesting to think about. If I can acquire a dirt cheap laptop with a built-in modem I might actually do it. It's funny because I'd call it "The Frosted Side" and resurrect the 'board after being down for, oh, about eight years. 🙂

Would I be the only guy in Tampa running a dial-up BBS? I might do it just to say that yes, I am. (grin)

Musically speaking, my new job has taken a lot of my time obviously, so the new release is being pushed back a few days. I'll probably get something up here either before the weekend or on the weekend.

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