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WordPress ticks me off due to the fact that theme creation is so difficult. Slowly but surely I'm learning it, but it's still a pain in the ass.

And yes I know the theme I'm currently using at the time of this writing is a pain in the ass to navigate. I plan to rectify that soon.

. . .

Drive an AMC Pacer new back in 1975 and you were considered a huge dork.

Drive one today and people would think you're cool because the car is very "curvy", just like all other compact cars today.

The car does resemble a frog.

. . .

Speaking of cars, 1982 was 25 years ago, meaning that cars made in '82 would be eligible for "vintage" status in most states. This would include but not be limited to a whole slew a cars introduced by GM in '82, such as the Chevrolet S-10 Pickup and Blazer and 3rd generation Camaro/Firebird among others.

. . .

There was a short but door-rattling thunderstorm that came by earlier in the day.

. . .

I am hoping it does not rain the day I plan on going to Epcot Center next week. That would suck.

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