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remembering windows 95

I found this article written in 2005 called 10 Years On: Windows 95 Remembered.

Wow. What a nostalgia trip.

Windows 95 is the only operating system I ever remember being excited about. (Note to nerds: I know Win 95 isn't technically an operating system, so don't complain to me about it.)

I remember the first day I got Windows 95. Wow. So cool. So futuristic. So awesome. I was amazed.

All tech companies only dream of launching a product like Microsoft did with Windows 95 - but they'll never be able to replicate it. Mactards today bash Microsoft left and right, but in 1995 Microsoft was synonymous with "cool." Everyone wanted it and everyone got it - including yours truly.

Windows 95 couldn't have been timed better because the internet was right around the corner. It was in the right place at the right time and (like it or not) ushered in a new way of computing. The best part was that it was ready to run on most computers people owned at the time. You did not have to go out and buy a new computer to run it.

It was just plain cool. Check out the article linked above if you have a few minutes. Even if you're not into computers that much it's a good read.

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