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rich goes gigging (the long version)

Well I said I'd write more about this so here it is - and I have photos.


Above: Playing with the band. I'm on the right.

Our band finally decided "WE'RE GONNA DO IT" and decided to play an open mic night @ Pegasus Lounge in Tampa. I personally thought it was a nice place.

We did 6 songs and it went well. They were all covers because we haven't written any originals yet (but that's on the to-do list).

Before continuing here's some more photos:

The Pegasus place itself as I said is cool. Even the front door is cool looking.





Why this is such a big deal for me...

This is actually the very first time I've done a true gig. Yeah, I've played house parties and school talent shows before, but this one was a real-deal thing.

In all the years I played at the stomping grounds, I never got to this point. At the stomping grounds I'd hear nothing but talk, talk and more talk.. but the gigging just didn't happen. In the extremely rare instances when it did it was a crappy outdoor thing, somebody's basement or other crappy affair.

Yeah, the crowd may have been small (it was a Monday after all) but who cares? It was cool. 🙂

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