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rich's wanderlust continues

There are different definitions for the word wanderlust, but most people agree that it simply means "a desire to travel".

Yeah, I've got the wanderlust bug. Big time. I'm sure one day it will extend to international travel, but for now it's just Tampa Bay Florida. Little steps... little steps... 🙂

As you're probably aware I made a POI database (for Garmin nuvi and StreetPilot models) of all the parks and beaches in the Pinellas county region (known as St Petersburg / Clearwater area to non-locals). I currently have it for sale because it was a pain to make, but it's obviously free for me because, duh, I made it.

I also plan on making on for Hillsborough county (that's the Tampa area) as well. It's going to take more time to put that database together but it will be well worth it. For those wondering, the reason it will take more time is because it's a bit difficult to get listings for actual parks and not "recreation centers", "sport centers" and playgrounds. Tampa has a crapload of those. Yeah, they're cool and all that, but I only want the parks.

The goal is to visit every single park in Pinellas and Hillsborough county. There are a lot of 'em and I've only visited a few so far.

Parks are cool, what can I say. And most are free.

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