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Right up there with watching paint dry

I'm quite certain this weekend is going to be nothing but a boredom fest.. so I'm going to write about random crap.


My iMac that wouldn't run Final Cut HD Express is officially in California according to UPS, meaning Apple will receive it soon and should (operative word there) refund me without issue. The last Apple rep I spoke with said the shipment would be received with "plenty of time to spare" and there shouldn't be a problem. Let's hope not.


As a fun little thing I've been leaving my ICQ with the "web aware" function enabled, meaning others can see whether I'm online with ICQ or not. I get many requests for chat daily, most of which are from outside the USA such as China, Russia, Malaysia, UK and so on. They all speak very bad broken English. On rare occasion I will get a chat req from someone in the US.

Best communication received was from a girl in the UK. That was cool. Funniest communication received was from some angst-filled teen in Russia who started blasting me with broken English insults when I wouldn't chat with him. Most pathetic communication is from some early-20's girl from China. She literally begged me to add her to my contact list. Uh, nope.


Got booted from a DALnet IRC chatroom for putting ".com" in chat by mistake (seriously, it was a brain fart, I wasn't thinking) and a bot kicked me out. The conversation wasn't too interesting anyway so no big deal.


I am running out of Fresca soda and need to buy some more.


I reinstalled Condition Zero but since my satellite internet has such crappy ping times I can't play on any game servers - which is probably for the best anyway. 🙂

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