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ring ring ring

ring ring ring, land ho

My digital phone (land-line) got activated today. I can't tell you how much I've missed having a "real" phone, as in one where I can call anyone I want and just not worry about minutes, overcharges and so on. Very, very cool.

I have this now-ancient Panasonic cordless phone set. One's on the base and I have one satellite. I spent a good coin on this phone set. The antenna lights up when a call comes in, both handsets have speakerphone built-in, the buttons are big, the display is very readable and, well.. it's an awesome phone set.

For those that know my home phone number, no I did not transfer my existing land-line number to this one. The reason is because from day 1 (more or less) I received almost nothing but telemarketer calls. And since people primarily contacted me via my cell phone anyway there was no reason to keep it.

cell ring ring ring

Being that Verizon is #1 on my fecal roster I've been shopping around for a different provider and phone plan. Sprint is going to be the one because:

  1. They have a $29.99 a month plan.
  2. They give away a free Motorola RAZR v3m with their current plans.

As some know, I already have a v3m with Verizon and I like it a lot, so... this should be a no-brainer. What I have to find out is how much of a whack I'm going to take for the early termination fee from Verizon.

Being that I don't necessarily feel like dealing with Verizon's ass-tastic customer support, I think I'll call tomorrow.


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