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green leafy stuff

I've been sorta/kinda wasting money on salad. Yes, the green leafy stuff. It's a sorta/kinda waste because while it's good for me, it goes fast, doesn't fill and can be a bit expensive (it adds up).

Salad does not fill you up. I have to eat at least two bowl's worth to call that a meal. Otherwise, no good.

And, of course, I use way too much "thousand island" dressing.



My cell phone bill for last month was over 100 bucks. Ouch. For some that's a really low bill. But not for me. My bill is usually under fifty. I'm making the practice to turn the cell phone off as a reminder that it has the potential to cost me when I use it.


i can bet you 100% this is real

Cars crashing on an icy road. There are a bunch of comments there saying it's fake. Trust me, it's not. This is real stuff. I've seen it happen in New England. Okay, maybe not as extreme as the video shows, but darn close. Freezing rain drops first, then snow covers it giving the illusion your tires have something to grab. But what happens is that under that snow is ice. When you hit it, it doesn't matter if you're only going five miles per hour. You will slide.

I am 10,000% happy I'm not anywhere near stuff like this anymore.

This vid is put to music, which I think.. says it all. 🙂

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