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Same road... no cars! It's magic!

Title of this entry is a quote from one of my favorite movies. I had a toss up between using the one I did and "There's that dented Beetle! YES!", but the one I did use is more relevant-ish to what this post is about.

You know, it's funny. I complain about WildBlue on my blog and like magic (ooh, ahh) the connection clears up less than an hour later and starts acting normal again Edit: Connection is acting up yet again (see notes at bottom). Well, normal for WildBlue anyway (which isn't that great to begin with). I should say the connection is acting normal for now because who knows when the damn thing will act up again.

I'm still going to have a tech come down here and check the dish regardless. I'm going to give it until Wednesday of next week. If I don't receive a call by then, I'm calling support back and complaining up a storm about it. After all, they did say in plain English that someone would call to schedule a time to look at it.

It's very annoying knowing my internet connection isn't reliable. Pretty pathetic indeed.


In other news...


My Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS will not arrive until next Friday according to UPS. So there won't be any new audio appearing on the site until then or shortly after then.


A quick scan of my server logs reminds me of how much of a tech geek I am, with search engine results ranging everywhere from gps coordinates to my Toshiba television. I had to just sit back and look at that for a minute, realizing Damn. I really do write a lot about that stuff..


Pop has been (justifiably so) complaining at the hospital staff because they kept delaying his surgery over and over again. Finally they got him in there after a two day wait. Sigh. Pathetic. Pop was ready to leave and go to another hospital - that's how bad it was getting. He should be out on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Yeah, he's still there.

-- edit 4/10/2006 --

The damn connection is acting up again. Had a nice six-hour outage. Isn't that nice? I'll answer that: No, it isn't. I have even more reason now to have the satellite hardware looked at. (groan...)

The connectivity is once again spotty or non-existent. If I get this posted it'll be a miracle.

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