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Satellite surfin'

BOO-YAH! I now have fast internet back. It has been a while but I finally got the stuff working.

Being that I live in an area that has absolutely no high speed connectivity whatsoever, meaning no cablemodem and no DSL (seriously), I was referenced to a satellite internet provider. No, it's not as fast as cablemodem but heck, I'm just extremely happy to have anything, so no complaints.

This satellite internet is different from the old school one-way and two-way systems. There is no phone line required (thank God) and the up/down speeds aren't too bad. It's 512k down and 128k up which is slightly slower than cablemodem - and I can live with that.

Vonage may or may not work with it (I haven't tested that yet), but the installers I've spoken to say it doesn't, so... guess I'll have to write again on this once I test it out.

Right now I'm just beaming all over because I got my 'net back. Absolutely beaming. It's great to have it again.

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