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Far be it from me to write two articles just minutes apart (heh) but this stuff has nothing to do with the music stuff aforementioned.

Florida's HSMV (that's "DMV" to everyone else) seems to really have their crap together concerning getting a license, getting plates and so on. More on that in a moment.

I've been delaying getting a Florida driver's license because I did not have a copy of my birth certificate (more on that in a sec). I wasn't about to drive all the way back up to New England just to get one, so I wondered if there was a way to order one online. There is, and the place where I was born is listed in the areas they service. Cool.

Cost: Forty-two bucks. Yeah. Ouch. That's the price you pay for convenience. Were you to just go to the office directly (or call them), the price is about ten bucks less. However, it takes a lot longer to get to you. said I would receive my certificate in seven to ten business days. I got it in three. Good deal there.

So anyway, if you have a Connecticut issued driver's license, Florida allows you to reciprocate driving priviledges ("convert" a license without having to re-take a driver's test). That's good because I didn't want to do the driver's test all over again at thirty-one years old. I've been driving for fifteen years and I think I've got the driving thing down by now. (grin)


You need a copy of your birth certificate as primary identification. The CT license is only secondary, hence the reason I acquired that first.

Crap involved will be as follows:

Cost of license: Twenty bucks.

One form to fill out at the HSMV office.

...and that's it. Renewals are ten bucks in the future.

There is one thing that's very cool about this whole experience. You can actually make appointments for these things online. Pick the office closest to you, pick the date, pick the time, confirm it and then just show up. Doesn't really get any easier than that.

What I'm hoping is that with this appointment scheduled I can just walk in, flash a paper or two, get a license and get out of there.

How cool would that be.

I'm hoping getting plates is as easy, assuming getting the license is easy. (heh)


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