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scattered clouds

Current weather as of noon today

There (Dayville CT): Sixty-three degrees F and overcast with patchy fog.

Here (Tampa FL): Eighty-six degrees F with scattered clouds and clear as a bell.

Wow, I really enjoy rubbing in the t-shirt weather factor here, don't I? YES, I DO. 🙂



My sister Maria will be arriving at TPA tomorrow evening where I will be picking her up and the cat she's bringing.


Yes, cat. Pop is getting a cat courtesy of my sister. After I pick her up, we have to make a quick run to a Petco for some animal supplies, then trek on up to Inverness.

I have set up my spare laptop for her use while she's here. This way she will not have to use Pop's computer. I will have my laptop, she will be borrowing my spare and Pop has his.


Don't touch me

Pop's Garmin StreetPilot 2720 has a touch screen that for some reason decided to stop working.

However, after calling Garmin, they issued a return authorization since it is still under warranty with no hassle whatsoever. Good deal there.

And it gets even better: There's a West Marine (Garmin Dealer) near Pop in Crystal River (that's a town) which is only something like ten minutes away or so. Since Pop already has the RMA, he can bring it to them, they will ship it out and Pop will receive his replacement 2720 in seven to ten days after arriving at Garmin.


I find it interesting that the touch screen failed in the 2720 considering he takes immaculate care of the unit, and also considering the 2720 is literally twice the price of my c340. A weird instance considering it is billed as a "premium" unit.

But like I said, Garmin did not give us any hassle whatsoever about replacing it, so I'm very pleased about that. Garmin proves once again that they kick ass in all the right places - including consumer support.

Before I take the 2720 to West Marine I will be hooking it up to my laptop via USB to export all the waypoints to MapSource first, so when the new one arrives I can just import them into the unit without having to set them all over again. Shouldn't be a problem.


Have hoody will travel, literally

After using the GlareStomper in very bright sunlight while driving around (see what it looks like), I can say again that yes, it does work.


Living deliberately

The only reason I have a regular land-line phone is because my DSL requires it. The only time I ever use the phone is to make local calls only.

The answering machine on it is purposely set to "announce only", meaning it will not take messages, but rather play the greeting then hang up. I change around the greeting every so often, such as having the Brady Bunch theme or whatever. My most recent one is me reading Life in the Woods.

Sounded good to me. 🙂


I just like using the word "thwart"

Upon inspection of my server logs, many attempts have been made by spambots to spam the forum. My new system thwarted all attempts. 🙂

Rock, rock, rock and rock some more. 🙂


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