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Scroogle busted again, maybe for good

For the second time in less than a few months, Scroogle's "Scraper" is now busted again. This means in order to perform a Google search, I actually have to use Google and that's annoying.

I didn't use Scroogle for the privacy. I used it because it was a way to use Google to search with NO video results and NO adverts. A thing a beauty Scroogle is, err.. was.

The "lite" version Goog is or and is the closest thing you can get to how Scroogle used to be, but there are three notable issues when using that on a desktop PC.

  1. Search results are in such a way where they favor a smartphone first, because this version of Goog search is specifically for mobile use.
  2. Ironically, in the Chrome browser (but not in any other) you see a huge pink box with a nastygram stating a script error - even though the site works just fine.
  3. You have to deal with video search results unless you perform a very specific type of search.

Firefox, Chrome and Opera all have the ability to use custom search keywords, so that's exactly what I did to get the search I want without the video result crapola.

The line is this:

In Firefox and Opera I set this as a bookmark. I don't use this in Chrome because of that stupid pink box nastygram message.

Using the "lite" version is the difference between this:


...and this:


This may not seem much, but to me they're worlds apart. In the "lite" version there's no stupid sidebar, no "iGoogle" crap and no ads - yet. I'm sure Goog will shove 'em in there eventually, but they're not there at present.

I hate adverts and videos shoved in my search results. Goog's mobile search for now will suffice, or hopefully Scroogle will get back on its feet (but that doesn't look likely).

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