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Title of this entry comes from a band with a "positive" name.

Fish report

Bob the fish is doing very well. He eats well and makes bubble nests routinely. The water I've been using has been working wonders. His color is really starting to come out now, and he's developing the typical "attitude" that bettas usually have (chomping food, crunch-crunch-crunch, "flare-up" when you put your finger near the bowl, etc).

Should've used the blue box

I make it no secret that I can't stand the US Postal Service. I never have a problem receiving mail (of which I receive junk in droves), it's sending the mail that's the problem I always encounter.

Case in point:

I live in an apartment complex where there are rows of little mailboxes for tenants like myself. All outgoing mail is put into one central box. Two weeks ago I decided to be brave and use that, and it worked; The mail delivered. One would assume it would work the following week. So I used it last week just like the week before.

Didn't work.


What I should have done is use the tried-and-true blue post office box. You know the kind. Every post office has one. Drive up, drop the mail in the box and be done with it. Works every time.

So today's "important" trip will be traveling two miles to send out my mail. It may seem like overkill, but the blue box works. Whenever I try to use any other method of sending US Mail, there's literally a 50/50 chance of whether it will actually get there or not.

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