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separation of gps and phone is mandatory

I found an article written back in November 2008 that tackled the question of whether or not standalone automotive GPS devices will survive in the future or be outright replaced by cell phones with nav subscriptions.

The answer is yes, they will. And for a good long time. Probably for a  very long time.

Here's why:

Anyone who pays a subscription fee to use GPS is a moron. Why? Because it's free. The only fees you should ever have to pay is a one-time cost for the device itself, OPTIONAL map updates and absolutely nothing else. After that the total cost to use it is zero. No monthly fees. No contracts. None of that.

In order to use an automotive GPS device properly, the screen must be at least 3.5-inch to see it properly from the seated driver's position and must have anti-glare coating on it. And there are very few cell phones with screens that size with the anti-glare. The ones that do cost more than a standalone GPS device does.

All modern GPS devices are touchscreen. As anyone with a brain realizes, touchscreen cell phones are still way too expensive. Yes they will eventually come down in price but I guarantee you a touchscreen standalone GPS will always be cheaper and work better as a nav device.

~ ~ ~

The death of the standalone GPS device, a.k.a. the personal navigation device or PND, will happen when GPS becomes a standard (meaning not optional) feature in all makes and models of cars. And its very unlikely that will ever happen. If it does it will take several decades before that's a reality.

~ ~ ~

My final notes will be to poke fun at the idiots who try so desperately to make their cell phones act like regular nav units. And of course I'm talking about those who use the gooseneck mounts.

If your gooseneck mount is on the center stack, you're blocking access to the HVAC controls.

If your gooseneck is from the floor, someone's leg will hit it (either you or the passenger). And I'm sure you love the constant shaking that makes the screen impossible to read while driving.

If your gooseneck is on the windshield - wow. Nice safety hazard. Way to block your view of the road.

Ditch your oh-so stupid gooseneck, CANCEL your nav subscription on your phone and just go buy a Garmin. Don't even bother arguing because you'll always be wrong. Just go buy one and shaddup. Use your phone for voice and text - that's what it was made for - NOT for use as a sub-par GPS you have to pay for just to use.


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