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set loc

I have a few updates in this bloggo post.

where's the beef?

Total number of songs I released on [edit: Domain I used to own] in 2007: None.

I have no excuse for this. It is not all that difficult for me to sit down, write out a few tunes and release them.. but I guess I was preoccupied with other things that prevented me from releasing anything there in '07.

This year I plan to rectify that with some new stuff.

nuvi for her

My sister arrived last nite and finally received her new Garmin nuvi 250 today. She was very happy about receiving it.

What's more, she will be finding use for it very soon. She's attending some veterinary conference here in Florida where she will swim with the manatees. I'm not kidding. She will be swimming with the sea cows. Her new nuvi will be assisting her in getting to the conference itself.

After a few days of the whole sea cow thing she'll be heading back to Boston.

i am...

As part of my "Over 30, Uncool and Don't Care" campaign I decided to post some I am pages on the sidebar. They include ugly, old, single and so on.

I wrote the I am pages as a way of dealing with the fact I'm getting older. They seem self-deprecating but on read you find they're not.

My 30s (and beyond) for me is a time of honesty, including being honest with myself as well as others.


All my blog photos are now on Picasa. If I mentioned this before, well.. I'm mentioning it again. 🙂

It's really nice to have everything there and just not worry about it. Very cool indeed.

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