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shorn melon returns

For the second time since moving to FL I have shaved my head. The first time kinda freaked me out, but this time not so much.

It was not my intent to shave the melon. My original notion was to brush-cut/spike my hair. But that didn't work, so bzz-zz-z-zzz.. all gone.

My hat sure fits a lot better.

Eventually I'm going to have to buy a pro-grade hair clipper with the proper attachment to do the brush/spike thing like I want. But that's going to cost at least $50 to $75, so... it can wait.

When my hair was long I noticed a small small bald spot at the back of my head. Am I losing my hair? I don't know; too early to tell. And no this was not the reason I shaved the melon again. I did it because my the mop atop my head was getting annoying.

But I thought about it. Is the hair going bye-bye?

If it is I'll just start buzz-cutting my head and wear baseball caps a lot more. 🙂 I'd rather do that than medicate/graft/whatever my head. If the hair goes, it goes.. whatever. I'll just put on the cap and do my business as I always have.

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