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Yesterday morning I started feeling really sick. I went over to my boss' house for the weekly meeting and he was also getting walloped by what appeared to be the same whatever-it-was I had - expect his struck first.

After I got home I was going to go straight to bed, but one of my neighbors (an older gentleman with a walker) needed a ride to a place a few miles away, so I said "Sure" and did that.

Right after I got back home I went straight to bed.

Around 5pm I woke up sweating. Pretty nasty. Everything hurt on me. I puttered around for a bit, had a smoke and went back to bed again.

At 9pm I woke and felt a lot better. Not 100% but definitely better than I was.

I then headed north to see Pop (where I am right now as I write this). During the trip I felt woozy but made it up okay. It was probably for the best I traveled up here when the roads were clear and not chock full of evening commuter traffic.

This sick is weird because I don't have sniffles, coughs or what-have-you. The best way I can describe it is the feeling you get when you've slept way too much, yet I haven't over-overslept at all.

Right now I feel like I'm around 75%. I'm still sweating a little bit but not nearly as much as before.

So anyway I'm hoping this all passes soon because being sick sucks. 🙂

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