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Sickness over, hopefully

I stayed home from work again today because I got walloped with (what is hopefully) the last of my cold. When I woke up, I had a splitting headache and my voice was gone. As a matter of fact I had to have my pop call out sick for me because I couldn't talk.

Later in the day the voice came back, my forehead didn't feel as hot, my eyes stopped tearing up every 30 seconds and I genuinely felt better. As I write this there is still a little tickle in my nose, but it's going away slowly but surely.

Where did I get this cold? From work I think. There's this guy who sits across from me who was hacking and wheezing all day Monday. Whatever he had, I got (thanks a LOT!!) Ugh.

I did some screenplay writing today. Got some good ideas together. I think I might actually have something that will turn into a full motion picture script.

Anyway.. I will be back to work tomorrow. Yay.

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