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Signing my life away twice this week

At 2pm today I will be heading to a recruiter office (as in job recruiter) to see what they got for me. This is exactly what will happen: I will go in there and then I will be told to fill out about seven or more pages of paperwork. Then I will probably be given a test of some kind to assess my qualifications. Then I will have a nice chat with the girl there asking me what I want to do. After that, I will most likely be 10,000% overqualified for anything they have to offer. Then I'll be told "Okay, we'll be in touch!" and I'll never see them again. I could be wrong, but I've been in and out of enough recruitment offices, so you could say I'm quite "seasoned" at it.

Sometimes I wish the people at these places would just...





Evidently this is beyond most people's grasp. If any staffing/recruitment office even bothered to read it, they would never make me take their little tests - guaranteed. Such is life.

I'm going to this place today with an open mind and just hope for the best - but I'm not expecting anything.

Tomorrow I will have an interview - an actual interview - at a place where I'll most likely land a job. It took them only one day to call me back, so I'm guessing they actually did read me resume and are interested in seeing what I can do. I'm much more optimistic about tomorrow.

I headed to Google maps to see how long it would take to get to the place I'm going to today. It's a grand distance of... wait for it... 3.1 miles. For real. It'll take me literally five minutes to get there. The place where I'm interviewing tomorrow is about fifteen minutes away (9.3 miles).

Speaking of distances... oddly enough, my friends are almost an hour and a half away from me here in Maine. Why oddly enough? Because when I was living in Connecticut, friends were all real close and work was really far away. Now it's the exact opposite.

Given the choice between traveling far for friends or werk, I'd choose friends first any day. Long commutes to work just plain suck. Trust me, I know from experience.

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