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Skinny fat chicks

As a man I openly admit that whenever I'm out doing normal everyday errands, such as grocery shopping, picking up a DVD at the department store, mall or whatever, if I see a cute girl walk by while doing my whatever, I do look. That's the way heterosexual men operate. It's always been that way and always will be.

Today there's a new kind of fat chick. One that is very disturbing, because from a distance the girl looks attractive because she's slim, but up close it prompts the reaction of, "What is that?"

Being that women are so unbelievably obsessed with their weight, the modern trend is (once again) for a girl to absolutely starve herself to drop the pounds. Does this work? Yes. But the end result is disgusting. What she does is eat next to nothing and not exercise at all. What you end up with is a skinny girl that's flabby. And as weird as this sounds, she's a skinny fat chick. When she walks, she jiggles in all the wrong places. Her curves are disgusting, the skin hangs off her frame and she looks just plain awful.

With a regular fat chick, she's fat. Round. Rotund. Pleasantly plump. Whatever you want to call it.

With a skinny fat chick, she's none of those things - yet still fat. It obviously isn't attractive and is one of the weirdest things to see.

I understand there is no such thing as a girl that is completely jiggle-less. If she were it just wouldn't look good. But if you're a girl that achieved the goal of being skinny yet still have flab, it's not your diet that's the problem. Rather it's the fact you don't exercise at all. Start jogging. Play golf. Play tennis. Go rollerblading. Do something. Being skinny does not automatically qualify you as being attractive. You're going to have to tone up so you don't flap in the breeze every time a stiff wind comes by.

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