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slight name change

Ever since I've been hosting a blog on, I've always called it "menga dot net". I did this for two reasons:

  1. When I first started this, another popular blogger at the time had "[his name] dot net" and I thought it was a cool idea.
  2. Being I didn't have the dot-com, I thought maybe having "dot net" in the title would solidify the fact that the web address is in fact

Per point 1, no, it's not a cool idea and never was.

Per point 2, to this day nobody remembers the "dot net" part. Ever. Even if I spent a crapload of cash and put a HUGE billboard on I-275 that said "MENGA DOT NET", people would still say.. "What dot com is that?"

So the name is now just menga. That's it. No more "dot net". The address is the same and only the name has changed.

When people ask me for my web address now, all I say is "Search for Menga and you'll find it; it's always in the top three."

I don't have to even say "Google for menga" specifically, because whether you search for this site on Google, Yahoo! or Live, if you do a search for "menga" you will find me. I'll either be the first, second or third result.

So like I said above, the name of this site is just menga now.

Maybe you don't care but it matters to me. 🙂

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