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some more random whatsit

A few things have occurred over the past few days that I'm going to write about here in this one.


Is that a word? Well, it is now. On Friday I called Pop and he let me know that his house in Maine was sold. The selling price was acceptable to him and he's either going to head down to FL (around Inverness or Brandon or somewhere around there) or to Massachusetts.

I purposely did not call Pop for almost two weeks because I needed to get things settled here in Tampa first, which I did.

If Pop moves down here I am still keeping my place - no doubt about that. I have work so I'm hangin' on to it.

Renter's insurance

Personally I think this is nonsense, but the leasing company that rented my apartment to me requires that you have renter's insurance. Cost is about $100.00 a year. Not that big a deal.. but it's just annoying. Seems like a hundred bucks wasted.


Got the mop chopped to a crew cut which I call a "four all around" because the trimmer setting for a normal crew is setting #4. I went to SuperCuts to have this done and they did it mostly right. It is, however, a way better job than what happened in the Wal-Mart the last time I got my hair cut. Tip: Don't ever get your hair cut there. They screwed up something as simple as a crew cut. SuperCuts didn't. They got it more or less to my liking.

The photo I didn't get (yet)

When driving I-275 or 4 you will periodically see small blue signs that show a pictogram of a tornado-ish looking symbol with the words "Evacuation Route" underneath it. Every time I see one I raise an eyebrow because I hope I'll never have to use a route like that. These are routes designated for when natural disasters come by, i.e. Category 4 or above hurricanes.


I'm hoping to have my other two tunes I need finished before the weekend is over.


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