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someone been leavin' footy-prints all over mah desert

Title of this entry is a quote from a famous cartoon character.


more sandal stuff

Since starting to wear sandals, my feet now have something they never had before.


And yeah, it happened that fast. My feet are finally "breathing" proper, and whoa.. color.

I am completely used to my feet being stark caucasian white. After all, they rarely ever saw daylight. The reason for this is because there was no reason to own sandals in New England. You'd maybe get forty-five days of use a year out of them if you were lucky (mid-July to end of August), but after that.. nope. Too cold.

Sometimes it feels like I'm wearing a "phantom" sneaker with the sandals on. My mind thinks I'm wearing a fully enclosed shoe, but I'm not.

Concerning sensitivity, the sandals make my feet very happy. By nature I have ultra-sensitivity on the bottoms of my feet, however, they seem to be not as "touchy" now. This is not a bad thing. I'm thinking that maybe I should have started wearing footwear like this years ago.


where a depression is actually a good thing

Today marks the beginning of hurricane season in Florida. And, almost if it were set by a clock, a tropical depression is going to come over the Tampa Bay area tomorrow.

The tropical storm in question is "Barry". Rain will be light to moderate and winds could gust up to 39mph, but I would guess the inland winds will be around 25 to 35mph. What this translates to is close-to-but-not-quite tropical storm wind force, or in layman's terms: Windy enough to notice.

The good part is that the area is finally getting some much needed rain, and yeah, we need it.


bug splat

June also marks the one month out of the year no one likes driving in Tampa Bay, that being June-bug a.k.a. "love bug" month.

Basically speaking, it goes a lil' something like this:

Love bugs are called so because they're actually two bugs joined together. They fly really slowly.. probably about the speed of a ladybug in flight. They are black with some orange, but even so, these bugs would not gross you out at all. In fact, some people I know would actually think they're cute, but I digress.

The problem is that if you drive anywhere during the daylight hours on any road where you can drive faster than 40mph, your car will get splattered with love bugs. Regular washer fluid for your windshield is worthless. You have to buy the special "bug cleaner" kind (it only costs a buck more) to keep your glass clean enough to see.

The front of your car gets absolutely plastered with these things. I totally feel sorry for guys driving delivery trucks with flat front ends, because those above all others get nailed the worst.

Bug splat can be mostly avoided by staying off the highways and interstates. But note I said "mostly". No matter what you do, you're going to have to deal with it.

I have noticed that some people are tickled pink to mention this fact about Florida.

Oh! Watch out for the JUNE BUGS! You'll never want to go again!

And I suppose dealing with ice storms and snow combined with salt/sand covered roads for a period of several months is better?

I think not.

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