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Sometimes it's all just blah

The ad for the house is in the 'Globe today. There haven't been any calls yet. I think I wizzed away 141 bucks concerning that ad, but, at least I tried. Maybe I'll get a call before the day is up or possibly later in the week, but I doubt it. This was my last effort at selling this house. After this, I'll let pop do the realtor thing again (it was tried before but didn't work out the first time).


Concerning werk, I did get a raise at my job. I think it was 30 cents an hour more or something like that. Yeah, I know, no big deal. I wasn't really all that excited about it. It just reminded me that I've been working that crappy job long enough to be qualified for a raise.


In the fiscal department, my checking account by mid-week will be a whopping 97 bucks; the lowest it has been in five years. The reason is because I'm getting close to the finish line concerning killing the credit card debt - and I'm not about to stop now. I am gonna kill that sumbitch if it's the last thing I do. Then I can start banking money again.


In the screenplay writing department, sigh.. what I can say. It's tough. Writing is not something where you can just snap your fingers and expect perfection to appear and fly on to the page. I'm going to try to write today. Whether anything comes out or not I don't know.

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