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state of my online stuff moving on into 2016

Happy Christmas, all.

Time to talk about things, things and other things.

Because there are those who like to keep up with my online stuff, here's what is going on moving into 2016.


I have a Facebook fan page, but I closed that off and instead chose to use my personal page. The reason? Easier to deal with, especially since Facebook has a "follow" feature.

Although I've no changes planned for this, Facebook might change stuff around. What stuff, specifically? That's the "fun" part of Facebook. Nobody knows. Facebook just likes to change stuff around without any warning whatsoever.

In other words, if something changes on my profile there that's just weird, email me. I guarantee it will be 100% Facebook's fault, but I still would want to know about it anyway.


The last time I posted a video was in November 2015. The last time I posted a guitar video was in October 2015.

Will I be posting more videos? Maybe.

From a musician's point of view, video is the most tedious to put together because there's so much effort involved. Setting up the shot, recording the video, editing the audio, editing the video and inserting on-screen effects (like text,) rendering the video (takes a long time,) and finally uploading the video (takes even longer.)

From a vlogger point of view however, video is easy if it is done quick-and-dirty style. What that means is one video done in one take with a length of under 3 minutes, take the video file, don't edit a thing, upload and be done with it.

One of my more popular videos, Bouncing, looping, trimming and sequencing on the Zoom R8, is done vlog-style even though it's long. One video, one take, no edits. If I remember correctly, the video seen is my 3rd attempt. The first 2 times I messed up about 10 minutes in, but the 3rd time I went the full half-hour, got the whole thing done and uploaded it as-is.

If I decide to post more videos in 2016, it will most likely be done as vlogs or in vlog-style.

Article content

For those following along, Vintage Guitar of the Week stopped at #20. The main reason I stopped doing it is because it didn't grab as much interest as I thought it would. Vintage guitar appeal is, as I said just recently, fading away. Guitar players are getting really sick and tired of hearing about old, crusty guitars and are heavily leaning towards axes that are new and cool.

What I may entertain the idea of doing is starting Mid-tier Guitar of the Week, which is basically any guitar priced from $400 to $999 USD. I consider anything with a 4-digit-or-greater price in US dollars to be a luxury purchase, so I'm not talking about that stuff since almost nobody can afford it anyway.

The mid-tier axes I talk about will be nothing old. All new stuff. Got a suggestion for a guitar to write about? Let me know.


The last song I released was back in June '15, so I've been really slacking on that. This is partially due to the fact my old red Jazzmaster's neck wore out, I made a quick jump to a black Strat, got rid of that, then back to a sonic blue Jazzmaster since I missed my Jazz so much.

I hinted that I would release an album in '15. That obviously didn't happen, and I can't blame it exclusively on the guitar stuff that happened since I've owned my replacement Jazzmaster for a while now.

I run into the same three problems that thousands of other guitar players do. First, I am my own worst self critic. Second, I try to add too much to a song. Third, once too much crap is added in, the song is ruined and I shelve it.

What I need to do in '16 is basically take my own advice. Write songs on the bass first. Get the foundation of the song done and recorded with bass, then put the guitar on top of that and not the other way around and just keep things simple. Writing songs this way actually really works well.

And what style of songs will I write? I'm not sure just yet. Bass lends itself more towards a groove-based style of songwriting, and I do dig groovy bass lines, so we'll see.


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