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staying put / selling laptop

Final decision on my dwelling situation: I'm a-stayin' in my apartment. I am 100% sick and tired of dealing with finance people. I feel liberated but at the same time a bit defeated. Such is life.


Sometime today or tomorrow I'm putting up my backup laptop for sale on eBay. It's a Dell Latitude cpt S600GT. It's a 600MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM, 10/100 NIC, 56k modem, CD-ROM, floppy drive (with cable), native 1024x768 resolution, clear LCD screen with no dead pixels, Windows XP Home Edition fully updated to SP2, premium Dell bag, two spare batteries, power supply.. the works.

Of the Latitudes built at the time, this one was one of the faster ones. It runs Win XP very well. Everything is original and in near-mint shape. Moreover, it runs like a finely tuned watch.

I'm sure someone will be very happy to get it. The only reason I'm selling it is because I have to put a few extra bucks towards the bills, otherwise there's no way I'd part with it.

Want to see it? I'm sure you do. Here's a hi-res image. And yes, it is that pristine. Everything works very well on it.

I'll place a link to the auction here once I get it on eBay.

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