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still of the skies

Last night the air was very still. This usually happens a day before we get doused with a few thundershowers which is precisely what's going to occur. Either the wind gets really still or really, well.. windy. This time it chose to be still.

Here's something I consider to be a Florida weather oddity:

There are times when you walk outside and it feels like you didn't. I'll try to explain what I mean by that. Imagine it's late afternoon, you walk outside, the air is still and there's no breeze. Because it's late afternoon, the sun isn't beating on you. The temperature is 72 on the nose.

The oddity is that the outdoors feels like indoors. I've lived here almost four years and I'm still not used to the instances where the weather gets like that.

I get weirded out by this because that never happens in New England. Up in those parts, when you walk outside, you know it instantly. It just feels distinctively different.

Why do I get weirded out when the indoors and outdoors environments are exactly the same? The answer is a bit funny.

There's enough of that pessimistic New Englander lingering in me that believes for every good weather day comes a full week's worth of bad ones - even though that doesn't happen here.

It'll probably take me a few more years before I can shake those red flags out of my head. 🙂

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